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Day Of The Duomonad-Two As One In Wedding And Worship

When you receive the Seal you will be able to become one with God–as a duomonad–and yet the two of you will remain separate and distinct. This is how Adam and Eve were one and yet two separate and distinct people.

God created the world in seven days. On the fifth day He created the first man, Adam. That day He also created the other animals of the earth as well as the birds of the air.

The animals were the only companions of Adam at first because God waited before He created the first woman. He wanted Adam to realize how alone he was without a woman as his companion.

God was the best Companion for Adam even after He gave Eve to Adam. Adam was made like God, and Eve was made like Adam. She was like God too, but she was also just like Adam.

The animals and birds were not fulfilling for Adam. They were living souls, but they did not have spiritual Life. God had breathed spiritual Life into Adam when He created him.

He shaped Adam out of the earth. That is the way He will set the Seal upon you. He will shape you out of the earth. He will shape you into a little garden, a tiny piece of the earth ready to grow a wheat Seed.

That is what the Seal will always remain–the place for growing one single wheat Seed–no matter how big the garden grows. For when that wheat Seed bears fruit there is more seed to be sown.

So the garden grows after the first harvest of the growing of the wheat Seed. First the wheat Seed grows and then the garden grows in size too. That first wheat Seed is Jesus, and His Plan is to bear Fruit.

God made Eve a living soul out of Adam’s rib. He fashioned flesh around the rib and created the woman. Why did He create her out of Adam? So they would be a duomonad, two separate and distinct people, and yet one.

Adam and Eve knew they were a duomonad, and it was fulfilling. It satisfied all his desire for a companion. He always had God but had nobody to help him in the Garden until Eve was created.

And they rejoiced in their oneness. They were different and yet the same. They complemented each other and when they thought and felt together, the results compounded. It was as if they were more than two people in one.

Of course they were more than two people because they had God as the third. That is why their ideas and plans compounded in effectiveness. God helped them while they helped each other in the Garden.

When you are sealed you will be able to become a duomonad too. You will be able to join with God. The two of you will be separate and distinct people. Yet at the same time you will be one.

So God will help you, and He will help you even when you are alone. Where two or three are gathered in the name of Jesus, He is there among them. But even when you are alone you can be one with God and still two different people.

Marriages join the husband and wife together in one as a duomonad. When the duomonad believes Jesus, He is with them. But you can also become a duomonad as one with God when you receive the Seal.
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