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Your wedding is probably one of the biggest days in your entire life, and you want it to be truly memorable. There are many choices available when it comes to having your wedding, but one of the most romantic is to have it outdoors. With the right preparation, it’s much easier to arrange an outdoor wedding than you’d expect.

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The first thing to think about is the location. You could pick just anywhere, but wouldn’t it be great if you had it somewhere that had real meaning for you? Perhaps you might have gone for long walks in the park with your fiancé, so why not have your wedding there? Also, try to pick somewhere that is lush and green – not only will this create a vibrant atmosphere for your wedding – it will also give you photographs and memories that will last a lifetime.

Think about planning for contingencies at your outdoor wedding. While you hope that the weather will be perfect and everything will go smoothly, there is always that chance that nature won’t cooperate. If it starts to rain in the middle of your wedding, you can end up with a soggy mess, with everybody trying to look for cover – including your guests, your musicians and your caterers.

Make sure that there is a nearby building that you can retire to if this is the case. If not, it’s essential that you rent a wedding tent. Wedding tent rental is best done well in advance, since there is no way you can decide the day before that you need one and then actually get it set up in time. However, if you do plan ahead, then a wedding tent can actually enhance your wedding, not just serve as a shelter. For example, you might want to set up catering in the tent, and even put in an area for dancing. This can be incredibly elegant if done correctly.

Make sure that you look after all the logistics of your outdoor wedding. Keep in mind that your guests are going to be there for quite a few hours and will therefore need access to things like restrooms. If you have any handicapped guests, or elderly ones, then you also want to provide for their needs – for example, they will need places to sit down, and facilities that are easy to access. Also think about putting up signage, so that your guests know where everything is – this is particularly important if you have a large venue.

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If all of this seems a little bit overwhelming, don’t worry. There are experienced and sympathetic wedding planners out there who can help you to plan the perfect outdoor wedding – including making suggestions about the overall design of your wedding and handling all of the logistical details. Ask any of your friends who have been married recently to recommend a good wedding planner to you, or take a look on Angie’s List, where you will find customer reviews of wedding planners in your area.
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